How to Use the Party Game and Matching Game Banks

Step 1: Go to your games page for the course you are interested in adding a game to.

 Step 2:  You can either create a new game or modify one that you have already created as shown below:

Step 3: Once you are on the game page, you will see a button that allows you to add from the bank.  For matching games it looks like this ("Add Matching Game From Bank"): 

For Party Games, it looks like this ("Add Vocab Words from Word Bank"):

Step 4: Add the game or vocab words!  For matching games you click the button shown below:

For Party Games, select the vocab words you want to use and click the "Add all Selected Words to My Game" button shown below.

Step 5:  When you are done, click "Back to My Game" to return to your game and see the results.