How to Use the QuestionBank

Step 1: Navigate you your quizzes and choose a quiz that you'd like to add questions to (if you aren't already in a quiz).  See below for an example:

 Step 2:  You will be sent to the page that has your questions for the quiz you chose.  Click “Add Question from QuestionBank” as shown below:


Step 3: Filter the QuestionBank using the left sidebar (start with Subject, then narrow it down from there), or use the keyword search to find questions you are interested in using in your quiz. 

Step 4: Select the questions that you want to use and click "Add All Selected Questions to My Quiz" as shown below.  When you are done, click "Back to My Quiz" to return to your quiz and see all of the questions that you've added!


Step 5: Add up to 50 questions to your quiz!  You can mix and match original questions and QuestionBank Questions.  Be sure to share questions that you write!  This makes the QuestionBank better for everyone!