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Why join QuizNinja?

QuizNinja is a professional community of teachers and professors!

There are several benefits to joining the community:

  • Quickly create awesome quizzes that students can take on any device with an Internet connection!
  • Access to an ever-growing QuestionBank in your subject area and get feedback from your colleagues on questions you create!
  • Students can upload their scores directly to your account, so that you can analyze their performance on each question, print results and assess learning!
  • Ninja-like features (Randomize question order, scramble questions, choose whether a quiz is active or not active and more!)
  • Share quizzes with your colleagues (especially useful for working in PLCs or teams)!
Tutorials for Teachers

The first video tutorial for teachers is now available!   Tap or click the button above to check it out.   More are on the way!